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A former anti-apartheid activist who was imprisoned on Robben Island with Nelson Mandela before ascending to one of the highest judicial posts in South Africa will deliver a public lecture for UNSW Law this month.

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It's not enough for our elected leaders to say that anti-terrorism legislation is "above politics" – we must insist on there being proper scrutiny of any new laws, writes Fergal Davis.

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The power of intelligence agencies to invade Australians' privacy could be about to dramatically expand, warns Keiran Hardy.

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Is your right to free speech spelt out in the Australian Constitution? Hear leading experts debate the issues at a free public forum at UNSW tonight. 

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Nothing in the Commission of Audit report trumps the call for the Commonwealth to withdraw from areas that were once essentially state responsibilities, including education and health, writes Andrew Lynch.

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Proponents of the 'right to be a bigot' are keen to ignore the historical contexts which gave birth to hate speech – something which minority groups should never forget, writes Fergal Davis.

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The High Court’s approach to decision-making underwent a major change in 2013, with a move away from the high levels of dissent seen in recent years to a more consensus outlook, an analysis has found. OPINION

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In the aftermath of the annihilation of Nauru's judiciary, will Canberra champion the rule of law, or will it let democracy be overrun for the sake of political interests, asks Rebecca Ananian-Welsh.

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As the federal government  announces its first 'repeal day', it's a good time to talk about the 60 anti-terror laws parliament has enacted since 2001. Are they all necessary, asks Fergal Davis.

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Armed with an ambitious political and legal agenda, the new federal attorney-general faces a testing time, write Shipra Chordia and Andrew Lynch.