Global Irish Studies Centre

Fire 1

Modern-day incendiarism draws on a long tradition of insurrection and continues to capture the public imagination, writes Gemma Clark.

29 Irish Anzacs2 1

A database developed at UNSW aims to identify the estimated 6,000 Irish-born enlistments in the Australian Army during WWI.

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Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese has given a UNSW audience insight into peace-building in Northern Ireland and the “hermetic seals” that separate people and religions.

29 Mary McAleese 1

Former President of Ireland Mary McAleese will return to Australia more than a decade after she stood in the Opera House to announce the campaign to establish a Chair in Irish Studies at UNSW.

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St Patrick's Day and Irish identity have become inseparable from Guinness, but is Ireland best served by aligning itself with a slickly marketed beverages company headquartered in London, asks Ronan McDonald.

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James Joyce’s modernist masterpiece, Ulysses, has been brought to life at Bondi as part of UNSW’s annual Bloomsday celebrations.