Solange Cunin

Australia’s first payload of scientific experiments blasts off for the International Space Station in November, thanks to a group of high schoolers and UNSW space entrepreneur Solange Cunin. 

Shoes Bel

High fashion and engineering don’t usually sit together in people’s minds, but UNSW engineering graduate Bel Teh has found a niche that brings those two worlds together. 

Michelle Simmons _ Scott Farquhar

Atlassian's Scott Farquhar and quantum computing powerhouse Michelle Simmons are among the leading innovators and entrepreneurs heading to San Francisco in June for UNSW’s inaugural Alumni Entrepreneurs and Innovation Summit. 


Once the domain of software and cyber security, student-led hackathons are emerging as a creative force for good in diverse and unexpected areas.

Nicholas Fisk

UNSW has announced the appointment of Professor Nicholas Fisk as Deputy Vice-Chancellor to lead the University's research efforts.


There’s much more at stake at Australian steelmaker Arrium than today’s jobs, writes Veena Sahajwalla.

China Flag

Innovation partnerships with China will help translate research breakthroughs into commercially viable technologies, write Ian Jacobs and Laurie Pearcey.


​​A new report highlights the support needed to develop a thriving start-up culture in Australia.

innovation money

Technology companies can be made to contribute to the tax framework. So it's time governments stopped offering lenient tax deals and got serious about concerted reform, writes Usman W. Chohan.

real estate

Real estate websites Domain and REA are going head to head, but perhaps it's time to reinvent the game, writes Nick Wailes.