Jenny Buchan

Domino's Pizza Franchise Store

A UNSW School Business Professor says looking after franchisees needs to be at the heart of the Domino’s strategy.

Professor Jenny Buchan, UNSW Business School

The law needs to level the playing field for franchisees, says UNSW Professor Jenny Buchan. 


Jenny Buchan outlines the problems within franchising in Australia and internationally and shares a wish list of possible solutions.


The need for a public franchise database and better protection for franchisees under the Corporations Act has never been more apparent, Jenny Buchan noted in her 2017 Professorial Inaugural Lecture.


The law assumes franchisees do their financial and legal homework when it comes to signing up to a chain, but research shows franchisees are often overconfident and ignorant of the risks, writes Jenny Buchan.


If 7-Eleven franchisees did their due diligence they'd know that joining the system could require them to be complicit in wage fraud, writes Jenny Buchan.