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A computer scientist calling for bans on 'killer robots', an internationally respected drug researcher, and a chemist developing 'smart' nanoparticles to target tumours are among 16 new Scientia Professors.

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Policy makers are still ignoring the value of unpaid work and care, UNSW Professor Lyn Craig has told a sold-out public lecture. 


Introduced by journalist Annabel Crabb, UNSW Professor Lyn Craig, an internationally renowned expert in time-use research, will talk about women, carers and modern workloads. 


In the first issue of UNSW magazine for 2016 we unveil EPIC – a new state-of-the art centre merging medical science and art to transform the way we visualise disease.

Lyn Craig

Putting our daily routines under a microscope has enabled social policy researcher Lyn Craig to unravel many of the mysteries of modern life. 


An ambitious project looking at social and economic productivity across the age spectrum has won Professor Lyn Craig a prestigious Future Fellowship from the Australian Research Council.


Before making a policy decision, the Turnbull government must understand the full social and economic impact of cutting penalty rates, writes Lyn Craig.


A new authoritarian moralism has taken hold as a result of global economic transformation, according to the University of London's Guy Standing, who will be a key speaker at UNSW's Australian Social Policy Conference next week.

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Women work from home to take on more childcare duties while men just want to get away from the distractions of the office, according to new research presented today at the Australian Social Policy Conference.

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The salary gap between men and women in NSW is narrowing, according to the second annual report on the status of women released at UNSW today.