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What's missing from current climate change debates is a compelling, science-based national security narrative, writes Alan Dupont.


After 14 years of continued military presence in Afghanistan, the Turnbull government must decide what's next for Australia in the conflict, writes Ian Bickerton and Christopher Kremmer.


Malcolm Turnbull must hope the Senate blocks moves to hold a plebiscite, saving him from having to follow through on a policy that he knows is a step in the wrong direction, writes George Williams.


Robert Menzies' biography, which describes his success in managing both party and cabinet, is guidance Malcolm Turnbull must consider to ensure his success as Prime Minister, writes James Goldrick.


To secure Australia’s future and protect the country’s research capability, the Turnbull government needs to make science policy that transcends political lines, writes Les Field. 

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Yesterday we had a Conservative government. Today we have a Liberal one, writes Tim Harcourt.


The completion of the new Ainsworth Building marks the beginning of a new era for the School of Mechanical and Manufacturing Engineering. 


We are living through "the most excitingly disruptive time", says Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull, and we must view it as an opportunity if the nation is to prosper.



Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull will join UNSW Vice-Chancellor Professor Ian Jacobs in a public event exploring how best to manage risk in life, politics, business, climate change and medicine.

Turnbull U21 inside

Australia should invest the proceeds of its mining boom in education, shadow minister for communications Malcolm Turnbull has told the U21 dinner at UNSW.