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Researchers from UNSW Sydney help us understand why the genre is so popular.

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Auto related crimes have increased 20 per cent in Melbourne over the last five years, but blaming the rise on video games ignores the real problem, writes Michael Kasumovic.

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Women endure three times the negativity when playing online games compared to men. Is it misogyny? Or a form of bullying, motivated by the search for and maintenance of status, ask Michael Kasumovic and Jeff Kuznekoff.

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The motivation to play violent video games is closely connected to people’s desire for sex, write Michael Kasumovic and Tom Denson.


If we want a well-informed and science-literate public, then it is important that science is communicated effectively by those who excel at it, writes Michael Kasumovic.

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One narrowly defined study isn’t enough to prove that people who play video games are less sexist, writes Michael Kasumovic.

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A disturbing modification involving sexual assault in Grand Theft Auto 5 is swaying opinions on the influence of gaming, write Michael Kasumovic and Rob Brooks.

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The new sporting pursuit of choice may soon be professional electronic gaming, writes Michael Kasumovic.


Technology that allows people to don the skin of a dark-skinned avatar could significantly decrease an individual's racial biases, writes Michael Kasumovic.