National Science Week

Science Week

Explore the hidden wonder of Sydney's coral reefs or discover the feminist history of the internet when UNSW celebrates all things science.


UNSW will celebrate all things science with events and talks across the city for the Sydney Science Festival. 


A Women on Mars event at Sydney Opera House will give female high school students the opportunity to meet NASA scientists as part of UNSW's participation in the Sydney Science Festival next week.


Art inspired by wetlands and quantum computing, the latest research on fusion energy, and the effects of gut microbes on the body and brain are highlights of events to be held at UNSW during National Science Week.


The weird quantum world, Sydney's future power needs, and the latest discoveries about the universe are among topics to be discussed next week at public events during the inaugural Sydney Science Festival.

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An evening of science and humour with some of the world’s top online science communication celebrities – including Facebook phenomenon, Elise Andrew – will be a highlight of National Science Week.