Nura Gili

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A record number of Indigenous high school students have graduated from Nura Gili's Winter School at UNSW - Australia's largest university preparation program.

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UNSW's first Shalom Gamarada Indigenous medical graduate begins work this month as a doctor in two of western Sydney's busiest hospitals.

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UNSW's largest Winter School to date has prepared 150 Indigenous students for future tertiary education.

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Arc@UNSW has made a clean sweep at the annual ACUMA Awards, with four of their initiatives winning first place above any other Australian university.

A record number of Indigenous students graduated from the Nura Gili 2008 Winter School Program at UNSW.

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The culture and history of Australia's Indigenous people will be recognised at UNSW during a series of celebrations marking Indigenous Week.

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COFA student Lucy Simpson's visual portrayal of her life has won her a spot in a worldwide cultural exchange project.

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Global financial services firm UBS has committed to a major investment in support of Indigenous programs at the University of New South Wales.

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Paintings from some of Australia's leading Aboriginal artists are on display at a major public exhibition at Shalom College at UNSW this week.

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A UNSW documentary which captures a touching cultural exchange between African and Australian Indigenous people is airing nationally on the ABC, the day before TV personality Ray Martin opens Nura Gili's winter program.