Sydney CBD View

Major public and private CBD property developments are increasingly meeting ‘design excellence’ standards, UNSW Built Environment researchers have found.

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New South Wales could provide the blueprint for Australia when it comes to including health at the forefront of legislative reform, urban planning and infrastructure assessments.


UNSW Built Environment Dean Professor Helen Lochhead has been appointed to the NSW State Design Review Panel to advise on significant, large-scale developments.


In major cities across Australia, there is a stark contrast between lofty planning goals and the sprawling reality on the ground, write Robert Freestone and Stephen Hamnett.


The lifespans of existing cemeteries in major Australian cities are severely limited so we need to consider our burial options before available spaces are exhausted, write Kate Ryan and Christine Steinmetz.


Floods are a costly part of Australian life, which means we need to get better at predicting exactly when – and how severely – they are likely to strike in the future, write Fiona Johnson, Christopher J. White and Seth Westra.


Alarm bells are ringing as the ACT government continues to buy key rural properties, writes Jenny Stewart.


New strata laws won't help housing affordability and may even leave some residents out in the cold, write Laurence Troy, Bill Randolph, Hazel Easthope and Laura Crommelin.


Tiny houses are so hot right now. As Amelia Thorpe argues, in addition to being sustainable, they also offer a valuable way to rethink the way we plan and build our cities.  

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Housing has become just another investment asset – but the consequences are unsettling.