high bar

As retirement looms for elite sportspeople, there is a need to prepare for the transition to post-sport life. But there are important things to consider long before this, writes Andrew Martin.


Female popular musicians die younger – and from more unnatural causes like suicide, homicide and accidents – than women in the general population, write Dianna Theadora Kenny and Anthony Asher.

Tom Frame

Even the most stable moral compass can be damaged by war. UNSW Canberra researcher Tom Frame explains the inner injury that arises when good people witness terrible things.


Complex human brain activity is governed by the same simple universal rule of nature that explains other phenomena such as the beautiful sound of a finely crafted violin or the spots on a leopard, UNSW scientists have found.

New Year

Recent psychological research highlights several reasons why your New Year's resolutions might actually work, writes Lisa A Williams.


How we react to the greatest challenge of our generation is all in the mind. Ben Newell explains.

bush fire

Media reports of natural disasters may reduce our perception of risk, writes Ben Newell.

Psych superstars

In the Spring Issue of UNSW magazine, we meet psychology's emerging research stars; we unveil the collaboration boosting the fortunes of a local high school; and we talk to Brenda L Croft about her artistic journey of self-discovery in the shadow of the Stolen Generations.

mean preschooler

Indications of psychopathic traits can be reliably observed in children as young as three, allowing children at risk to undergo earlier treatment, a new study suggests. 

Psych superstars

They’re young, smart and forging new frontiers in the science of the mind. Meet psychology’s emerging research leaders.