Richard Holden


Lending in a frothy property market has the potential to bring the economy unstuck, writes Richard Holden.

Joe Hockey

Joe Hockey’s experience as treasurer illustrates a few fundamental points about how not to do the nation’s top economic job, write Tim Harcourt and Richard Holden.


He took Greece and Europe to the brink of economic disaster. Now again at his country's helm, Alex Tsipras just may be the perfect leader to steer Greece through its troubles, argues Richard Holden.  


Today’s GDP figures showing anaemic growth is further evidence that secular stagnation has hit Australia, says Richard Holden from the UNSW Business School.

Chinese currency

Currency wars aside, devaluation of the yuan may signal a material slowdown in the growth of the Chinese economy, and that will have significant repercussions for Australia and the world, writes Richard Holden.

Law 1 0

We may need to rethink the nature and purpose of a law degree, write Richard Holden and Rosalind Dixon.

Greece euro cracks

In the wake of the resounding No vote, it's likely that at least one if not all the major Greek banks will fail early this week. When this happens, the Greek economy will essentially come to a halt, writes Richard Holden.


If the GFC is any guide, we should expect after-shocks from Grexit to rumble far from the epicentre, writes Richard Holden.


While markets should factor in all information, movements in stock prices can still be driven by irrational behaviour, writes Richard Holden.   

Toy cars

When one party to a transaction knows more about the deal than the other it has an impact on market activity and changes the way we interact with the world, writes Richard Holden.