Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick


Heatwaves are Australia's deadliest type of natural disaster and more research is needed to forecast accurately their impacts on people, write Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick and Christopher J. White.

hot sun

Did you know that you can have heatwaves in winter as well as summer? And that fruit bats in Australia literally drop out of trees in the worst of the summer heatwaves? No matter where you live in the world there are four main drivers of heatwaves.


Autumn could scarcely have been hotter, says Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick in this overview of a record-breaking season.


Until now, India's smog problem has curbed extreme temperatures. But that could be about to change, write Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, Andrew King and Geert Jan van Oldenborgh. 

coral bleaching

With much of the Earth covered by oceans, a different kind of heatwave is attracting attention, writes Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick.

Icebergs adrift

We must not let the new hot weather record overwhelm us. Rather, it should be treated as a renewed call-to-arms, writes Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick.

water sunset

Is climate change to blame for the recent record temperatures? Maybe, but it’s not a simple case of cause and effect, writes Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick.


The promises and pitfalls of the imminent Paris climate summit were debated before a capacity audience by experts from climate science, political journalism, agriculture and business, as part of the UNSW Grand Challenges initiative.


This year’s El Niño, combined with the Indian Ocean Diople, could be a whopper, writes Sarah Perkins-Kirkpatrick, but we still don’t know exactly what weather the complex influences might produce.