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The Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing has been awarded to journalist Jo Chandler for her piece TB and me: a medical souvenir, about contracting the deadly disease in Papua New Guinea.

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Just like crossing the Grand Canyon on a tightrope, the path to good decision-making needs to be followed one careful step at a time, writes Ben Newell.

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An aerial survey of waterbirds in eastern Australia covering about a third of the continent is underway for another year, led by UNSW's Richard Kingsford.

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How will the international Ebola crisis influence next week’s mid-term elections in the USA, asks Rob Brooks.

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Chancellor David Gonski will lead a celebration of the year's finest Australian science writing by launching an anthology and presenting the Bragg UNSW Press Prize for Science Writing on Thursday.

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The RET has been so successful it will easily achieve 28% by 2020. That means we should be setting higher, more ambitious targets, writes Stephen Bygrave.

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UNSW scientists hope to unlock the secrets of millions of marine microbes with the help of an international team of volunteers sharing their spare computer capacity to create a research “supercomputer”.

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Carbon capture and storage is not even close to being a commercial prospect and may even increase net CO2 emissions, writes Stephen Bygrave.

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Waste tyres diverted from landfill by UNSW ‘green steel’ technology could reach as high as the International Space Station.

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Revisiting telegony and other discredited theories of inheritance through the modern lens of epigenetics will contribute to a more complete understanding of heredity, write Angela Crean and Russell Bonduriansky.