Sue Williamson


One of the most effective ways to improve gender equality is to address issues systemically rather than relying on individual managers, writes Sue Williamson.

Michaelia Cash

Until now, there has been a lack of any whole-of-government strategy for gender equality for public employees, writes Sue Williamson.

Working mother

Provisions that help women in the workplace are too easily traded away in enterprise bargaining, writes Sue Williamson.


Contrary to government claims, large numbers of lower paid women will be adversely affected by the proposed changes to paid parental leave, writes Sue Williamson.

paid parental leave

Under the latest proposed paid parental leave policy, public servants will be worse off and the public sector’s reputation as being a family friendly employer under threat, writes Sue Williamson.


Tony Abbott’s latest “Captain’s call” comes as the government commits more troops to Iraq, writes Sue Williamson.