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How much capital insurance companies are required to hold is crucial not only for policyholders and shareholders but economies more broadly. But how much is too much?


The wonder of compound interest means small variations in the fees we pay can have large consequences for superannuation payouts after 40 years. 


There is a looming fear among young people that they will not find jobs commensurate with their educational levels, writes Usman W. Chohan.


The economic and political stability of Europe should matter to Australians because our wealth, jobs and security are tied to the success of the eurozone, writes Robert Marks. 


Encouraging confidence in northern Australia development is not the same as picking winners, writes Richard Holden.

Martin Shkreli

There are deep fissures in our understanding of regulatory issues that are revealed by the Shkreli episode, writes Usman W. Chohan.


Malcolm Turnbull could lead bold and important reforms in five key areas: the GST, childcare, infrastructure, university funding and the environment, writes Richard Holden.

green finance

Why haven’t green bonds entered mainstream finance, and what is holding them back, asks Usman W. Chohan.


When it comes to life insurance, inconsistencies in Australia’s taxation law can lead to genuine life-or-death angst, warns UNSW doctoral student Jeff Scott.


MalcolmTurnbull should take a leaf out of Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new book, and adopt a fresh approach to infrastructure and development programs, writes Usman W. Chohan.