free speech

The 'good old days' when we could make racist comments without legal recourse were not that good at all – especially for those on the receiving end, writes Luke McNamara.


Weekly visits by UNSW students to the Villawood Immigration Detention Centre have culminated in a special issue of Human Rights Defender magazine.

no to racism

The debate around amending Section 18C is a furphy: the law is there to guard against the most-damaging vilification, and very few cases end up in court, writes Luke McNamara.


A tragic accident meant Ngoc Tram Nguyen could not realise her dream of studying Law at UNSW  but a scholarship established in her memory has made that dream a reality for others.


Australia lacks of an effective system for the community to petition their elected representatives, writes George Williams.


Few realise that in the 1960s the Australian government planned to relocate the entire population of Nauru to an island off the Queensland coast, writes Jane McAdam.


The Australian government must respond to the latest reports of abuse in Australia’s offshore processing centre on Nauru as it did with the children detained at Don Dale, write Madeline Gleeson and Khanh Hoang.



Like the young man shackled to a chair, it seems Indigenous people have little say in their fate, writes Louise Taylor. 


Barrister Bret Walker SC will speak about the tensions bewteen lawyers and the political process in the annual Hal Wootten Lecture on 4 August

juvenile justice

We already have the evidence base to address the problems inherent in juvenile detention. What we need is the political will and leadership to implement the solutions, write Melanie Schwartz and Chris Cunneen.