The time is right for a crash course on section 18C of the Racial Discrimination Act, its exemptions and the powers of the Australian Human Rights Commission, write Katharine Gelber and Luke McNamara.


The Turnbull government's proposed bill is cruel, punitive and may separate some families forever, write Ben Saul and Jane McAdam.

Rosemary Rayfuse

Professor Rosemary Rayfuse will research the implications of climate change on international fisheries after being named the new Kerstin Hesselgrens Visiting Professor.

business hub

New sources of funding are posing a problem to the way we categorise companies, writes Marina Nehme.


A number of parliamentarians could find their position compromised if the High Court gives a wide operation to what it means to have an 'indirect pecuniary interest', writes George Williams.


You can name your child 'Anzac' – but not your house. Might it be time to relax restrictions on the use on one of our most sacred words, asks Catherine Bond.


A UNSW lecturer and a final-year student have scooped the pool in the academic categories of the Women in Law Awards, the most significant annual prizes recognising the country's best female legal talent.


Students have played an integral role at Kingsford Legal Centre since it opened as part of UNSW Law 35 years ago.


The government’s loss of the Solicitor-General's legal acumen and integrity is only the first blow. More serious is the harm done to the office itself, writes Gabrielle Appleby.


The International Criminal Court's sentence against Al-Mahdi for destroying ancient artefacts at Timbuktu sends the right message about the importance of cultural heritage, but it misses a valuable opportunity, write Lucas Lixinski and Sarah Williams.