The PNG court decision is likely to have profound implications for Australia’s offshore processing regime, writes Madeline Gleeson.


Gun violence has halved in Australia since laws were changed in the wake of the 1996 Port Arthur massacre. We must jealously guard our success if we are to prevent future deaths and trauma caused by these lethal implements, write Rebecca Peters and Chris Cuneen.

Human Rights

The Cameron Government has committed to repealing the UK Human Rights Act 1998. George Williams looks at the debate and the Act's significance for countries using the Westminster system of government.


A chance high school encounter with a fundraiser for a Cambodian orphanage set fifth-year law student Sonia Flaherty on a course with history.

police car

Twenty-five years after the Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody, Australia has become less compassionate, more punitive and quick to blame individuals for their alleged failings, writes Chris Cuneen.


Buskers enrich the urban environment with their energy and talent, write Luke McNamara and Julia Quilter.

Xi Jingping

Trade and security should not be the only focus of Malcolm Turnbull's visit to Beijing, writes Elaine Pearson.


The problem with laws aimed at “bad guys” is that they frequently have wider impact, write Luke McNamara and Julia Quilter.

Indigenous girl

Mainstream family violence services must also become culturally sensitive and responsive so they too can provide services to Indigenous community members, writes Kyllie Cripps.

Merrick Garland

US Supreme Court appointments are infected with the bitter partisanship that pervades US politics while Australian Chief Justice Robert French's impending departure has excited barely a murmur.