The government, citing precedent, will not release legal advice on the validity of its citizen-stripping anti-terror laws. But what justifies this convention, asks Gabrielle Appleby. 


Western perceptions of Buddhism in Myanmar are still largely blinded by the shiny golden mirage of the pagodas, and the assumption that Buddhists must be peaceful, loving and good, writes Melissa Crouch.


If we are willing to compensate those who were sexually abused as children, why not compensate Indigenous people wrongly removed from their families, writes George Williams.

Trans Pacific Partnership

There are ongoing concerns in Australia and the US about the Trans Pacific Partnership, particularly the investor-state dispute settlement provisions, write Leon Trakman and Luke Nottage.


From university medallist to financial regulator, UNSW graduate Emily Rumble’s passion for financial services has won her a prestigious scholarship to Oxford University.


Ensuring refugees are protected in the current national and international climate is the central challenge to be discussed at UNSW’s Kaldor Centre annual conference this week.


​Unable to show the faces of asylum seekers for security reasons, a group of UNSW students has turned to art to put a human face to those held in Australia’s detention centres.

Aung San Suu Kyi

As Aung San Suu Kyi's party prepares to take power in Myanmar, UNSW Law is hosting a conference to discuss the opportunities and challenges the country faces after more than 50 years of military-backed rule.


New terror laws run the risk of undermining the very freedoms we seek to preserve, writes George Williams.


Australia has made important steps when it comes to eradicating racial discrimination, but much remains to be done within our laws and the community, writes George Williams.