The National League for Democracy is leading a major peace process that could see not only an end to decades of conflict against armed ethnic groups, but also a way forward for constitutional reform, writes Melissa Crouch.


A collaboration between UNSW Law and litigation funder IMF Bentham aims to make class action cases fairer for all involved.

Ireland Marriage Equality

The re-elected Turnbull government is determined to get moving on a same-sex marriage plebiscite. The greatest challenge is to gain Parliament's support to hold the vote, writes George Williams.


UNSW’s HackJustice is using technology-based solutions to help a local community legal centre to better advocate for its refugee clients.

The Block

In the debate about affordability in our biggest cities, the housing needs of one of Australia's most vulnerable communities are being ignored, writes Victoria Young.


Britain’s highest legal officer was under enormous pressure to give the legal okay for the war in Iraq, writes Gabrielle Appleby. Australia can learn from the fallout.


There is a compelling argument for NSW (and Queensland) to come into line with the rest of the country on the matter of decriminalising abortion, writes Nicholas Cowdery.

Aboriginal flag

If we are to have a mature and sensible debate on Indigenous recognition, we must be more willing to embrace difficult issues and diverse perspectives, writes Paul Kildea.


Australian authors can relax about our copyright terms, they're not changing. But that's not to say our importation laws shouldn't be shaken up in a way that could actually benefit authors the most, writes Kathy Bowrey.


Already popular in Australia, litigation funding is gaining traction in the US, but with a problematic twist, writes Michael Legg.