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UNSW Sydney is the highest-ranking Australian institution for its contribution to scientific research.

Magnetic Particle Imaging

Imaging technology at UNSW Sydney will help researchers discover new methods to diagnose and treat a wide spectrum of diseases.


The centre is working with researchers, industry leaders and government to ensure sustainable food production in Australia.


A global program to tackle the challenges of increasingly populated urban environments attracted creative thinking from three UNSW PhD candidates.


New research suggests men and women read online feedback differently, with women preferring numerical ratings, while men like to read first-hand reviews.

In Australia people with disability often live on the fringes of society. In the latest issue of Uniken, we hear how UNSW research is ensuring their voices are heard.

Francois Martina inside

Everyday communication is changing rapidly. Thanks to UNSW research, one day you may be able to pick up an e-newspaper or see animations on your cereal box. In the 2010 edition of Research@UNSW we hear about this and other work that is changing the world.