Usman W. Chohan

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Donald Trump's pick to head the World Bank could well weaken the organisation's importance in international development and finance.


As artists turn to crowdfunding their projects, Usman W. Chohan warns that we should be cautious about viewing it as a means of supplanting government support for the arts.


The finance sector is coming back strong after the GFC. This time, we need to make sure it is a force for good, writes Usman W. Chohan.


The World Bank risks looking hypocritical and becoming redundant if it doesn't improve its own management, writes Usman W. Chohan.


Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sees arts and creative industries as important for Canada's economic growth, writes Usman W. Chohan.  


With one opinion piece, UNSW PhD candidate Usman Chohan sparked a national debate on discriminatory hiring practices and the appeal of name-blind résumés.

Africa budget

Some of the least developed African nations are leading the way with budget transparency using what is known as “citizens budgets”, writes Usman W. Chohan.


The level of debt incurred by corporations in emerging markets has grown at an astonishing rate, writes Usman W. Chohan.


Résumé-based discrimination in Australia against foreign sounding names is both statistically significant and worryingly pervasive, writes Usman W. Chohan.

innovation money

Technology companies can be made to contribute to the tax framework. So it's time governments stopped offering lenient tax deals and got serious about concerted reform, writes Usman W. Chohan.