Xing Ruan

Great Wall

Donald Trump, if he takes the US presidency, will immediately start building a wall between Mexico and the US. What lessons can he take from those celebrated wall-builders, the Chinese? asks Xing Ruan.


Creating buildings and rooms with specific functions is a relatively new phenomena in human history that limits the imaginitive potential of architecture, writes Xing Ruan.  


From its earliest days as a haven for refugees, Shanghai developed a distinctive character and urban identity that have driven its emergence as one of the world's great metropolises, writes Xing Ruan.


Sydneysiders desire to have a house with a view. But the allure of the capacious world out there can only make our body, and our mind, relentlessly unsettled, writes Xing Ruan.


Some of Australia’s foremost architects will exhibit rarely seen sketches and models in an exhibition celebrating 60 years of UNSW graduate excellence.

Can modern high-rise buildings make our cities more liveable? Vibrant cities need more than just laneway bars, says Professor of Architecture Xing Ruan, one of the editors of a book to be launched at UNSW tonight.