UNSW Business School taps into the social job network

Students at UNSW's Business School will soon have access to career advice from alumni across the globe via a new online platform.


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Business School students will soon be able to tap into UNSW’s outstanding alumni network and connect with recent graduates who work in a related field via a new online platform called Career Accelerator.

“This is a way of providing career advice – straight from the workplace – on a large scale,” said UNSW Business School Associate Dean Professor Nick Wailes. “Our alumni will be able to give students practical advice on how to get a job in their field, and insight into employers and industries.”

Before rolling the program out to all students and alumni, there will be a trial using 2nd year management accounting students (around 760 students), and alumni working in an accounting-related field.

Using the *Evisors platform, students will be able to data match their own interests to those of alumni advisers, who can help them prepare for interviews, draft a resume and give them key insights into the rapidly changing professional job market. Alumni can sign in via LinkedIn and give feedback using a rating system.

If the trial is a success, Career Accelerator will be extended to all Business School students – a potential network of 14,500 students and more than 75,000 alumni.

Business School Dean Professor Chris Styles said UNSW alumni were eager to “give back” and share their knowledge.  “Our alumni are a huge asset to the School. By harnessing the power of technology to tap into the resources of our alumni from organisations across the world, we open up enormous opportunities for students when they graduate. And our alumni benefit by improving their coaching skills and connecting with current students.”

“Getting a job after university is a daunting experience,” said Professor Wailes. “The job market is very competitive with thousands of students applying for small numbers of graduate entry positions. Our alumni are working in companies such as PwC, Deloitte, EY, KPMG and CBA, to name a few. They can help our students to get a head start.”

Read more on the UNSW Business School website.

*Evisors is an Edtech company founded at Harvard Business School in 2010 to match job seekers to career advisers. The platform has been adapted for UNSW Business School to connect its own alumni and students – providing tailored career advice from, and for, the UNSW Business School community.