UNSW, King’s College London and Arizona State University announce global alliance

The PLuS Alliance brings together three leading universities to help find research-led solutions to global challenges and expand access to world-class learning.


Arizona State University, King’s College London and UNSW Australia have come together to form the PLuS Alliance, a new partnership to help find research-led solutions to global challenges and expand access to world-class learning.

Combining the cutting-edge research capabilities and innovative education approach of three universities in different parts of the world, the PLuS Alliance will undertake cross-border research collaborations to address significant issues related to health, social justice, sustainability and innovation. The research will be supported with a suite of related learning programs to be delivered online. 

Our combined scale, international reach and expertise will enable us to deliver innovative solutions to grand challenges, which are beyond the scope of our individual organisations - Ian Jacobs

“This partnership represents both a significant commitment and unique opportunity to create impactful solutions for a sustainable future. The PLuS Alliance will bring together some of the best minds on the planet and tackle many of the big questions facing our societies today, which would simply not be possible for one institution working alone,” said Professor Edward Byrne, President and Principal of King’s College London.

To be officially launched on February 9 in London, the PLuS Alliance will announce more than 60 inaugural PLuS Alliance Fellows from across the three universities with plans to have 100 Fellows in total this year.  

"Key to solving the challenges facing humankind will be greater access to education so that talented men and women around the world can acquire the training and knowledge needed to join a workforce that operates across cultures and borders," said Dr Michael Crow, President of Arizona State University. “The PLuS Alliance will deliver an exceptional international learning experience that builds on our established record of innovative online course delivery.”

The international partnership will collaborate on projects to make world class education and research accessible locally, helping communities globally make a direct and positive impact.  

“The PLuS Alliance brings together three world-leading universities that share an ambition to improve lives by working together on ambitious educational and research initiatives. Our combined scale, international reach and expertise will enable us to deliver innovative solutions to grand challenges, which are beyond the scope of our individual organisations," said Professor Ian Jacobs, UNSW President and Vice-Chancellor.

PLuS Alliance programs 

More than 20 programs will be available from September 2016. Degrees to be offered through PLuS Alliance universities will initially include:

  • BA/BS in: Sustainability, Global health, Community Health, Whole Person Care, Business & Global Logistics Management
  • Masters in: Science of Healthcare Delivery, Infectious Diseases Intelligence & Sustainability Leadership

Launch event

To mark the establishment of the PLuS Alliance, a high-profile launch event will be held in London on February 9, 2016, which will be attended by senior representatives from all three institutions. The event will reveal plans for the first joint research initiatives to be developed on sustainability.