10 ways to make the most of O-Week

Third-year UNSW student Claire Guiver has worked as an O-Week volunteer and has some great tips for new students on how to make the most of the first foray into university life.


O-Week at UNSW

Third-year UNSW student Claire Guiver has worked as an O-Week volunteer and has some great tips for new students on how to make the most of this exciting week.

“O-Week is a terrific way for new students to get their bearings – physically, academically and socially, and smooth the transition from high school to university,” says Claire.

“I definitely encourage all students to take advantage of this amazing opportunity and kick off the university year with an exciting, fun-filled week,” she says.

UNSW’s O-Week is the biggest event of its type in the Southern Hemisphere. Held from 22-26 February, it is full of fun, social and academic activities to help new students dive in to life at university.


Claire volunteered as a 'Yellow Shirt' during UNSW O-Week.

Claire’s top tips:

  1. Get involved! Go to as many social activities as you can. It really is an amazing way to meet new people. UNSW activities include a scavenger hunt, speed friending and a spelling bee.
  2. Approach the friendly student volunteers at the help desks scattered throughout campus. They are there to answer all your questions. UNSW’s volunteers are known as ‘Yellow Shirts’.

Discover your favourite coffee shops and eateries. Claire Guiver (left) with friends.

  1. Sign up to peer mentoring as it provides both academic and social guidance in a safe environment with new friends.
  2. Take a campus tour  –  it is a great way to learn where all your classrooms are. Did you know the UNSW campus is so large it has its own postcode!
  3. Go along to the academic talks. They can be really inspiring and can reconfirm that you’ve made the right study choice.
  4. Sign up to a selection of the many student clubs and societies. Whether you are into politics, circus skills or caving there is a club for you.
Fairy Floss

Make the most of free food!

  1. Join your faculty club (e.g. Law Society) and attend their welcome talk. These societies often run peer mentoring programs and orientation camps that I highly recommend.
  2. Find your favourite coffee shop on campus. This will become a great place to meet friends and hang out between lectures.
  3. Make the most of free food. Whether it is free pancakes, fairy floss, snow cones or barbecues, there’s always something to keep your energy up.
  4. Attend the night entertainment events. At UNSW there is a comedy night, a movie under the stars and a gig and party night at the iconic Roundhouse.
campus tour

Take a campus tour.

More information about UNSW O-Week is available on the website or contact student organisation Arc on 02 9385 7700.