SPECIAL FEATURE: Highlights from Australia's premier social policy conference

Are low wages and high debt pushing society to a tipping point? Could migrants solve our family care 'problems'? Does climate change denial represent a failure of social science? Read the latest research from UNSW's biennial Australian Social Policy Conference.

Western society is exploiting a growing and particularly vulnerable working class whose members are saddled by low wages and unsustainable debt, Australia’s largest social policy conference has been told.

Young people and the very old are our happiest citizens, with those in mid-life having lower life satisfaction, a national survey shows.

The ascendancy of climate change denial represents a failure of courage and capacity by the social sciences and a crisis for the profession, Robert Manne has told Australia’s largest social policy conference.

One in six Australian women have experienced physical or sexual violence at the hands of a partner, and many are turned away from help, Australia’s largest social policy conference has been told.

An over reliance on grandparents to help care for young children is exposing weaknesses in Australia's current labour market and childcare policies, argues Myra Hamilton. 

Before making a policy decision, the Turnbull government must understand the full social and economic impact of cutting penalty rates, writes Lyn Craig.