Martin Green

Dr Mark Keevers, the UNSW solar scientist who managed the project.
08 December 2014
Solar engineers from UNSW's Australian Centre for Advanced Photovoltaics have set a new world-record in solar energy efficiency, achieving an electricity conversion rate of over 40%. 
Photovoltaic research will improve performance and reduce manufacturing costs for solar technologies. (Credit: Thinkstock)
26 August 2014
Photovoltaic researchers at UNSW have secured more than $7 million from the first round of the Australian Renewable Energy Agency's Research and Development Program.
19 June 2014
Four UNSW academics have been named on a prestigious list of the world’s most highly cited scientists. 
Scientia Professor Martin Green
03 May 2013
UNSW's Professor Martin Green, a world leader and pioneer in solar photovoltaic technology, has been elected into the prestigious Fellowship of the Royal Society.
Zhao and Aihua
22 March 2013
Two solar energy innovators who trained at UNSW have been honoured with an award recognising visionary Australian citizens living and working abroad.
23 January 2012
The cost of solar power is plummeting. But, while China leads the world in exporting photovoltaic-technology based on Australian ingenuity, this country is falling further behind, writes Professor Martin Green.
18 August 2010
The world-record in solar cell efficiency, a new class of cancer drugs, and a low-energy system for irrigation have won three UNSW researchers Eureka prizes - Australia's most prestigious science awards.
19 March 2010
A painting featuring pioneering UNSW solar cell researcher Martin Green is in contention for one of Australia's biggest art prizes.
25 August 2009
UNSW solar cell researchers have played the key role in setting a new world record for solar power efficiency.
14 July 2009
Cate Blanchett's Sydney Theatre Company is installing Australia's largest-capacity solar power system using technology developed by UNSW.
16 March 2009
A state-of-the-art solar cell pilot production line will be set up at UNSW under an agreement with one of the world's leading solar power industry suppliers, Roth & Rau AG.
21 November 2008
World leading solar cell expert, UNSW Professor Martin Green, is a keynote speaker at the Asia Pacific's premier renewable energy conference in Sydney.
04 November 2008
UNSW solar cell engineers have laid claim to another world record: this time the milestone of 25 per cent efficiency for a silicon solar cell.
12 September 2008
UNSW Scientia Professor Martin Green has been named the New South Wales Scientist of the Year - leading a stellar performance by UNSW in the inaugural State awards for scientific excellence.
09 October 2007
UNSW solar energy researcher Professor Martin Green has been given the Chinese Government's highest award for foreign experts for his contribution to China's scientific progress through his work in renewable energy.
06 September 2007
UNSW scientist Professor Martin Green has won the 2007 SolarWorld Einstein Award for his work in photovoltaics, developing new solar power technologies.