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A rocking stool, inspired by sandstone formations in Arizona, is one of 350 artworks being exhibited at the COFA Annual – a showcase of art, design and digital media by graduating students.

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Analogue TV may be on the way out – but it’s been an involving medium for artists, writes John Gillies. 

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What all this McMansion bashing has in common is a set of assumptions that are ill-founded, argues Steve King. 

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Sydney is the inspiration for some of UNSW’s graduating built environment students, whose work is showcased in the exhibition, LuminoCity, opening tonight with a debate 'Will Sydney remain one of the world's most liveable cities?' 

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A prestigious collection of dance films housed at UNSW is providing a free resource for dance educators and researchers.

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The face of the art museum has undergone a significant makeover, with the realisation that an interesting building can draw a crowd as well as any blockbuster exhibition, write Gay McDonald and Gary Sangster. 

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UNSW is proud to be an event partner of Sculpture by the Sea, with four COFA alumni exhibiting their works along Sydney’s iconic coastline.

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Video of a Christian congregation swaying together in song has won COFA student, David Capra, recognition as an emerging artist in this year’s Blake Prize for Religious Art.

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UNSW has partnered with a Chinese university to offer an architecture education with a global focus.

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Australia’s longest standing and most prestigious art awards, the Blake Prize, will be exhibited at UNSW’s newest gallery at COFA.