Captain Cook

Britain had an urgent problem after it lost its American colonies: where to send its convicts. It settled on NSW after rejecting other options, but the new spot didn't exactly live up to its billing.

Vincent Namitjira's Close Contact

For too long, Cook was a promise recollected in pigment, bronze and stone. Contemporary First Nations artists are challenging this imagery.


We'll need to spend at least an extra 15-20 per cent of GDP per year. It'll be more palatable if it is funded by COVID bonds.

Green spaces in Sydney

UNSW’s Paul Osmond says the design of buildings and cities need to change after this pandemic.


The disasters have come one after another. While they may not be entirely preventable, we can take many practical steps tailored to local needs and conditions to reduce the impacts on our cities.


The NSW government is soon expected to grant environmental approval to Snowy 2.0. But that process should be halted.

Artist impression of the COVID-19 virus

UNSW has a wide range of experts available for comment on the COVID-19 pandemic.

bridge to bare island at botany bay

If we want to conserve ecosystems that escaped European exploitation and mismanagement, we must start listening to environmental histories to complement scientific research.

waste water running out of a drain

The government plans to monitor sewage for the SARS-CoV-2 coronavirus. And while this holds promise to tracking future local outbreaks, there are also some sticky ethical questions to consider.

Global Impact Rankings

The Times Higher Education University Impact Rankings measure the progress of universities working to achieve the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals.