Artist impression of COVID-19

UNSW has a wide range of experts available for comment on the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic.


UNSW Sydney today welcomes the NSW Government’s official launch of the L3 Light Rail line.

COVID-19 pandemic

UNSW has a wide range of experts available for media interviews on the COVID-19/coronavirus pandemic.

Associate Professor Jayashri Ravishankar.jpg

Associate Professor Jayashri Ravishankar has transformed teaching practices for large engineering classes, improving attendance, academic results and student employment.

Amy Ridge

With the postponement and cancellation of most sporting activities in Australia, UNSW’s elite athletes have quickly adapted their training regimes to the home environment.

Social protection and the viral recession

So far, Australia’s help for people displaced, self-isolating or ill has been far from generous.

Support for vulnerable reaches new low, survey finds.

A UNSW survey shows community services are already struggling with demand.

Andrew Schultz and Jennifer Biddle

The incumbents will bring a focus to creative arts practice in Australia.

COVID19 human rights

Consult all sectors on COVID-19 response, global policy expert says.

International students beach safety program

A learn to swim program is creating communities and building water safety awareness for international students.