Personalised medicine for childhood cancers in Australia is a step closer thanks to the Zero Childhood Cancer program’s national clinical trial launched today.


A UNSW study has found immunisation policy for refugees differs substantially across states and territories, highlighting the need for a national strategy.


Hospital infection control guidelines worldwide have long recommended surgical masks for infections spread by droplets, but UNSW research challenges that approach.


Commemoration ceremonies by medical students are helping to shake off anatomy’s dubious history, Nalini Pather and Goran Štrkalj write.


UNSW research has offered completely new thinking on stroke, building on knowledge about the protein tau in Alzheimer’s disease.


A UNSW-Sydney Children’s Hospitals Network team has produced an interactive e-book that is already improving asthma awareness in Australian schools.


As its name suggests, Gardasil 9 protects against nine types of HPV, five more than the existing Gardasil. Recent studies have shown it takes only two doses, with implications for cost and convenience, writes Terri Foran.


UNSW researchers have found there is room for improvement in the community engagement processes for the development of Western Sydney Airport.


It is a misperception to think that performance-enhancing drug use is an issue in elite sport only, Kyle J.D. Mulrooney and Katinka van de Ven warn.  


If you are an adult in Australia, the kinds of vaccines you need to get will depend on several factors, write C Raina MacIntyre and Rob Menzies.