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Archer Michael

OPINION: A vegetarian diet might be the worst possible thing for animal cruelty and the environment, writes Professor Mike Archer in The Conversation.


OPINION: Innovation success comes to those who are persistent, writes the creator of 'green steel', Professor Veena Sahajwalla, in the Weekend Australian.


A major new scientific review, involving more than 30 experts from Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands, sets out our current knowledge of the impacts of climate change on biodiversity.

Kat Gaus

From paleontology and chemistry to computational mathematics and cellular immunology, four of UNSW's best young minds have been recognised with research excellence awards.


A study shows carbon dioxide levels plunged by 40% before and during the formation of the Antarctic ice sheet, confirming the power of the gas to dramatically alter global climate.

Kingsford newsroom

OPINION: If the Murray-Darling plan doesn't put enough water back into our rivers, we may be lining up for a debate full of angst, writes Professor Richard Kingsford in The Conversation.

Deo Prassad

UNSW will lead a new Cooperative Research Centre for Low Carbon Living to develop new tools to reduce carbon emissions in the built environment.

Michelle simmons main

Thinking small has won quantum computing trail-blazer Professor Michelle Simmons the 2011 NSW Scientist of the Year award.

Rciti main

Vehicles that pass on traffic updates to each other and help manage spikes in electricity demand are among the projects being explored at a new transport research hub.

Uniken serendipity

It can take years of study to create a chance discovery so just how important is serendipity in scientific breakthroughs?