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Federal Industry Minister Kim Carr launched the UNSW Centre for Sustainable Materials Research and Technology this week, hailing it as an important model for Australian collaborative research and development.

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Eleven finalists, four categories and amazing inventions all the way from benchtop to business. Who will win the 2009 NSi Inventor of the Year Awards?

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Ancient red river gums are dying in vast numbers due to water diversions from the Lachlan River in central NSW, according to a UNSW study.

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UNSW's School of Computer Science and Engineering has appointed Professor Gernot Heiser to the inaugural John Lions Chair in Computer Science.

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Scientia Professor Richard Bryant, a world-leading authority on post-traumatic stress, has received the 2008 Australian Psychological Society Award for Distinguished Contribution to Science.

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Padded headgear does not reduce the rate of concussion or head injury for rugby union players, a new UNSW study has found.

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UNSW's Injury Risk Management and Research Centre will invest close to a million dollars over the next three years to learn more about common driver errors.

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UNSW is accelerating research into biochar, an organic product derived from biological waste that harnesses carbon emissions, boosts crop yields and improves sustainable land use.

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In a surprise finding, research led by UNSW scientists has revealed the causes of south-eastern Australia's most severe droughts originate far away in the Indian Ocean.

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UNSW will take a major role in the new $60 million National Centre for Groundwater Research and Training, announced this week by the Federal Government.