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More Australians are dining on kangaroo but most are unaware that the national icon is being wild harvested rather than farmed, according to new UNSW research.

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Professor Deo Prasad will chair a United Nations environmental forum.

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A leading UNSW academic has cautioned the NSW Government against leasing existing coal-fired power stations, warning they seriously jeopardise the fight against climate change.

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UNSW research has revealed that earthworks are having a devastating impact upon the lower Macquarie River and its floodplain.

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A UNSW Chemical Sciences and Engineering graduate has won a prestigious industry award for his work making oil and gas production more efficient.

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UNSW has entered into an agreement with Singapore's Economic Development Board to establish research projects and provide PhD scholarships in photovoltaics and water membrane-technology.

eating less dietary protein could grant us a longer life with fewer kids, says a new research report.

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UNSW researchers are developing an affordable solution to the problem of GPS navigation devices failing in tunnels and between tall buildings.

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UNSW will pursue even closer ties with India, following a visit from India's science and technology minister.

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Unlike amateurs, professional sax players can play notes in the very high altissimo sound register by tuning their vocal tract to assist the instrument, according to UNSW research published in the journal Science.