Science & Tech

Solar thermal inside

A new approach to harnessing small-scale solar power could deliver higher levels of efficiency in portable power sources.

Mona taouk inside

Psychologist Mona Taouk is developing a world-first questionnaire to identify young people at risk of depression and suicide.

Bush rats inside

Sydney's native bush rats were victims of a campaign to exterminate foreign black rats during a plague in 1900, according to scientists who plan to reintroduce the native rodents.

Bushfire inside

Australian scientists led by UNSW remote sensing expert Associate Professor LinLin Ge will have access to high resolution images from Chinese satellites, boosting our capacity to respond to natural disasters.

Ewaste inside

Don't throw out your analogue radio just yet. UNSW industrial designer Miles Park shows how smart design can extend the lifespan of products rendered obsolete, reducing the growth of e-waste.

UNSW's solar racing team is celebrating its victory in the Global Green Challenge from Darwin to Adelaide. Sunswift IV was the first Australian car to cross the finish line.

Leithsharp inside

We have lots of great ideas for environmental progress, so why is it so hard to create sustainable universities? Find out more at a public lecture at UNSW.

Badmood inside

Sufferers of schizophrenia and bipolar disorder are being brought together in a major new study to determine the diseases' common genetic causes.

Sunswift inside 0

UNSW's Sunswift solar racing team has unveiled a new car which can reach 115km/h using the same amount of power it takes to make your morning toast.

Bburns inside

UNSW researchers may have pinpointed the cause of muscle wasting and bone-density loss experienced by astronauts who fly lengthy missions under the weightless conditions of space.