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Male fish adjust the effort they put into courtship based on the quantity and attractiveness of the females they have recently encountered, a new study has found.

Dolphin inside

Having good friends and relatives isn't only valued by humans. In dolphin "families", positive social interactions are more than twice as important as genes in determining successful reproduction, new research shows.

Technology to reduce carbon emissions during steel production has won Professor Veena Sahajwalla a Telstra NSW Business Women's Award.

One of UNSW's most distinguished academics, Professor David Black, has been honoured with election to the post of Secretary General of the International Council for Science.

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Toxic industrial pollutants contaminate bird eggs in Australia's major eastern cities at levels seven to nine times higher than those in inland areas, a new study has found.

A new centrifuge at UNSW's Water Research Laboratory can act as an environmental "time machine", looking forward hundreds of years to see effects of coal seam gas mining on groundwater.

Research which changes our understanding of plant life around the world and work that brings the quantum computer one step closer to reality have won UNSW researchers top honours at the Eureka Prizes.

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An innovative cutting tool for the mining industry has won Engineering's Professor Liangchi Zhang UNSW's Inventor of the Year award.

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The Tasmanian tiger was hunted to death for allegedly killing sheep, but in fact it had such weak jaws that its prey was probably as small as a possum, a new UNSW study has found.

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UNSW@ADFA's Dr Sameer Alam has been named the 2011 ACT Young Tall Poppy of the Year for his research in simulation and modelling of air traffic systems.