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Child in front of arguing parents

Professor Elizabeth Fernandez on helping children cope with uncertain times.

child with mobile phone

A study asked 2,000 teachers and school leaders across Australia how students from primary school to year 12 have changed in the last five years, and what might explain these changes.

Young girl with notebook, laptop and phone

Gonski Institute for Education research reveals Australian educators’ perspectives on children, digital technology, health and learning.

family singing

Amateur online performances will help us stay connected in isolation, says UNSW Sydney academic.


Dr Alyce McGovern discusses some of the deeper meanings to come out of her research into craftivism and yarn bombing.

Ebola warning

No continent is more vulnerable to the COVID-19 pandemic. The most vulnerable people pay the highest price, and this time Africa will struggle to get help as other nations fight their own battles.

housing in sydney

For the first time in decades, the property market no longer seems like a 'safe' investment  

Factory smoke polluting the environment

UNSW Professor Jeremy Moss examines the economic impact of the Government’s fossil fuel subsidies in the climate of COVID-19.

Music and sleep

UNSW PhD candidate Thomas Dickson is researching the ways music can help people fall asleep.

drone above city

While 'good drones' have been valuable in this pandemic, using drones to embed new systems of surveillance could be a dangerous and slippery slope.