Social Affairs

UNSW Professor Emery Schubert

Can we describe music in more ways than words? Can music evoke particular colours, shapes and senses?

Woman installing security camera

Two Social Policy Research Centre studies have looked at ways to keep women safe in their homes.

bare food cupboard

After paying rent, more than half of low-income tenants don't have enough left over for other essentials. And the latest evidence shows nearly half of them are stuck in this situation for years.

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The GVRN unites the significant domestic and international research expertise of UNSW to respond, prevent and eliminate gendered violence in Australia and beyond.


FASS professors Deborah Lupton and Leanne Dowse are part of a multi-university project to ensure autonomous decision-making technologies are used ethically, responsibly and inclusively.

The Crystal, Pleasures and Sex between Men project is examining gay and bisexual men’s use of crystal methamphetamine.

A unique study and podcast series is examining gay and bisexual men’s use of crystal methamphetamine.


Grace Karskens is Professor of History in the School of Humanities and Languages at UNSW. Her research areas include Australian colonial history, urban history, cross-cultural history and environmental history.


Bioethics Professor Jackie Leach Scully will head the Institute to be at the forefront of disability innovation through thought leadership and knowledge exchange.  

Antoni Tsaptura consults Indonesian villages on disability inclusiveness

After completing his PhD thesis in UNSW’s Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences on disability-inclusive budgeting and development in Indonesia, Antoni Tsaputra intends to keep his focus on research.

Australian soldier

Researchers say the new figure should be used to improve services aimed at tackling the homeless problem in Australia's defence veterans.